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Type Humanoid, Korean, Pay only
Price US$2.99
Characteristics This mascot unlocks dance mode

Psy is a playable mascot in Crossy Road. He was added in the Korean Update.


Psy (싸이 in Korean) is based on his look in Gangnam Style (강남 스타일), where he has black hair and he wears black glasses along with a light blue shirt, white undershirt, black tuxedo, black pants, a bow tie, grey shoes, and white socks.


Psy unlocks Dance Mode, which is unique only to him. The Dance Mode has its own unique theme and score counting (see below). In Dance Mode, the player needs to follow a black dance floor as they traverse the game's tricky terrain, which lights up when the player is on it. When on it, there will be colorful lights, music, and the Psy will be doing dance moves if on the dance floor. Before getting or leaving the dance floor, he will say things like "Let's go!," "Oh, yeah!," and other Korean sentences. Skyscrapers, the Paparazzi, and random explosions can be seen during game play. Upon death you will hear a “Game Over!" The character was voiced by Psy himself. The Crossy Road logo translates into a Korean logo. See video in Gallery.


The player scores a point for every second, and this increases for the time they continuously stay on the dance floor. For example, staying on the dance floor for 2 seconds adds 2 points, 10 seconds adds 10 points up to a maximum of 25. For every second above 25 seconds you spend on the dance floor you get 25 points. If you step off the dance floor the scoring starts back at 1 again.

There is a separate leaderboard for the Dance Score.

How To ObtainEdit

Psy cannot be obtained by using the Prize Machine. However, Psy is not a Secret Mascot. The only way to obtain Psy is to purchase him via in-app purchases with $2.99. Notably, Psy is only available for three months, which means that Psy is available for purchase until September 25, 2015 (Yet, it is currently still available for purchase). When bought, the player will unlock Psy and will be rewarded with 1,000 coins.


  • Psy voiced himself in the game.[1]
  • Crossy Road partnered up with Psy. According to Henry Fong, one of the developers in Yodo1 Games, "We wanted to do something really special for the Korean Update and thought incorporating Psy and his dance mode would not only have global appeal, but also add an entirely new game mode, complete with a re-designed scoring system, leader board, and traffic-dodging-dance tactics."[2]
  • Psy is one of the two characters you can not get for free, the other being the Piggy Bank.


DANCE with ☆ PSY ☆04:26

DANCE with ☆ PSY ☆. Great Fun!


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