Micro Update
Crossy road version 1.2.2
Version 1.2.2[1]
Release June 11th, 2015
New mascots 6 new mascots:
New Features New system and a few changes:
  • New Quest system
  • Quantity of received coins has decreased
Preceded by UK & Ireland Update
Succeeded by Korean Update

The Micro Update[2] is an update for Crossy Road released on 20th May 2015 for iOS and Amazon.[3] Contrary to previous belief, that the Micro Update wouldn't be available for Google play users, who would have to wait for 'Mega'[4] update, (Later revealed to be the Korean Update[5]) the Micro Update was released for Android on 11th June 2015. This update added 6 new mascots. It is the fifth content update, and succeeded the UK & Ireland Update. The following update was the Korean Update.

New Quest System Edit

Main article: Quest

Quests are a new concept in the game added in the Micro Update. Quests allows you to various tasks to earn coins. They occur every six hours, like the free gift. For example, the player could be asked to earn 300 points in total. These tasks can be done in multiple, separate runs.

New Mascots Edit


The quantity of coins awarded from a Free Gift has greatly decreased. Now, the average award is in the 40-60 range (was over 100). A rare "high award" is now ~100 coins vs. over 500 previously.


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