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Type Animal
Price $0.99 or 100 Coin2 (from the Prize Machine)
Characteristics Two different mascots appear when in a run, one controlled by the player, one that corresponds to the player controlled llama.
Update Chinese New Year Update
UK & Ireland Update

The Llama is a playable mascot in Crossy Road, released in the Chinese New Year Update (for Amazon versions) and the UK & Ireland Update (for other versions).

Appearance Edit

Despite the name, the "Llama" is actually two different colored llamas. The primary (player controlled) llama has cream-colored fur, with white feet and a white nose, while the secondary llama has brown-colored fur, legs, and nose. The cream-colored llama is in the front and the brown-colored llama is in the back, making the brown one the easiest to lose during a run in one lane of grassland surrounded by Roads.

Characteristics Edit

Similar to most of the standard mascots, the grasslands serve as the terrain for the Llama. Trees and boulders appear as obstacles and the only enemy being the eagle, who will pick the player up if they stay idle for too long.

While playing as the Llama, the player will have control of two mascots: a cream llama (the primary one) and the brown llama (the secondary one). The brown llama corresponds to the cream llama's movements. For example, if the cream llama travels towards the left, the brown llama will correspond to the movement and will move left as well. The brown llama acts almost like a non-playable mascot, it dies when it drowns or gets hit by a car. If the brown llama dies, the cream llama will still continue the game. However, if the cream llama dies first, the game ends, and the brown llama will stop where it is.

If the player idles for too long, the Eagle will take away the cream llama in the case when both llamas are still alive. Interestingly, it is possible for the brown llama to get trampled by the cream llama. If they end up in the same square, the brown llama gets trampled by the white llama and it gets squashed, killing it, similar to the effect when the Drop Bear kills a victim. If the cream llama gets blocked by an obstacle and attempts to move forwards/sideways, the brown llama will freely move forwards/sideways and therefore it's possible for both llamas to be in the same lane. Note that the brown llama cannot collect coins.

How to Obtain Edit

The Llama can be purchased for $0.99 or can be won from the Prize Machine for 100 Coin2.

Update HistoryEdit

February 2nd, 2015 (Chinese New Year Update)
  • Llama was added to the Amazon version of Crossy Road

April 1st, 2015 (UK & Ireland Update)

  • Llama was added to the Apple and Android versions of Crossy Road

Trivia Edit

  • It is currently one of two mascots where the player controls two mascots in a run.
  • The mascot is based off the popular llama chase news story in Phoenix, Arizona.
    • Llama and #TheDress are the only two mascots based off a specific news story.
  • The brown llama is not featured on the mascot selection screen.
  • While the name of the mascot is Llama, there are actually two Llamas.
  • If the Brown Llama dies, you can still play on with the White Llama. This is probably because, in Arizona, the Brown Llama got caught and the White one did not, so it could run on.[1]
    • However, according to the news story, the llama who got caught was a black one, not a brown one.[2]


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