Type Arctic, Secret
Price N/A (See "How to Obtain")
Characteristics Twinkling sounds can be heard
Update Arctic Update
The Iceberg is a playable mascot in Crossy Road. It was added in the Arctic Update.

Appearance Edit

The Iceberg is white and light blue ice blocks pounded together. It is smaller compared to the other obstacles found in the terrain.

Characteristics Edit

Like the other Arctic mascots and snow-themed mascots, the Iceberg plays in the snowy terrain. During gameplay, as it hops around, the terrain lightly shakes. At times, twinkling sounds can be heard when it stops hopping.

How to Obtain Edit


Spoiler Alert!
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The Iceberg is a secret mascot, which means it cannot be unlocked through the Prize Machine. To unlock the Iceberg, the player must play as all Arctic mascots (including the Seal) and each mascot must be killed by jumping into a lake/ water pool.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Overall, the Iceberg is EXTREMELY hard to get, as it first requires every artic-themed character to be unlocked.

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