Type Humanoid, Micro
Price $0.99 or 100 Coin2 from the Prize Machine
Characteristics There is a drastic environmental change. Other Framed characters will be present as obstacles.

Framed is a playable mascot released in the Micro Update. He is based off of an app of the same name.


Framed can be seen in action in the video posted by developer Matt Hall on Everyplay here. Framed is basically dressed in a black suit with a black suitcase to match the theme. When the player plays as him the player will notice that his arms and legs move back and forth, like the Chimney Sweep.

How to ObtainEdit

Framed can be unlocked for $0.99 or by spending 100 coins on the Prize Machine.


The background is a pale/pink noir styled theme. All the obstacles and cars are converted into a color that matches the scene. The cars are purple/pink, the boulders and birds are solid ebony, and the eagle is pure white. The scene is accompanied by jazzy music playing in the background. In the non playable area, there are skyscrapers that come into view, but can not be stopped by in anyway. The white birds are now seen black.

The player meets other black men with white ties in route, who produce white exclamation marks when approached within 3 square units in front or on the sides of them, along with a trumpet exclamation sound when they see the player. The black men stare at the player, looking at their direction. If the player falls into rivers, they will look down at it, as to watch the player fall into the river, which might be a bug. When Framed dies, he drops his briefcase.


  • The character was based by the game "FRAMED" that has 18 awards.
  • "Framed" is also a game made in Australia.
  • Certain trucks, like the Rocket Truck, do not change their original colors and look the same.
  • When a player plays this character, the eagle has a white color.



© Loveshack Entertainment

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