Easter Update
The pop-up screen that appears immediately after updating the app
Version 1.4.0
Release May 11, 2016
Preceded by Disney Update
Succeeded by Arctic Update
Version 1.4.0, also known as the Easter Update, is a content update in Crossy Road released on the 11th of May 2016. It added 5 new mascots.

New Mascots Edit

Features Edit

  • The Seoul Chicken no longer bows after death.
  • The Korean trees are no longer dark green, but a yellow color.
  • The icon for saving the death screenshot has been changed.
  • The Crossy Road icon has been reverted into the original.
  • The pause button has been removed.
  • The banner for watching an ad to get coins now has the words "FREE Coin2" instead of "EARN Coin2."


  • If the player exits the pop-up screen after updating the app, the Crossy Road logo will not be there as it should be at the start of each run. In fact, this applies to any pop-up screen after the update (e.g. unlocking a secret mascot).


  • The pause button was removed in this update, it was later added back in the arctic update.

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