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Type Enemy, Bird
Characteristics The Eagle will pick up the player if the player idles for too long

The Eagle is a non-playable character in Crossy Road. Throughout gameplay, the Eagle may be encountered as an enemy.

Appearance Edit


The Eagle has a color scheme similar to a bald eagle. It has a white head, a brown body and a white tail. It also appears to be massive, bigger than the player, and is able to pick them up with ease.


When playing as Fish 'N Chips, the Eagle is replaced by a seagull. The seagull shares the same model as the Eagle. However, it has a different texture from the Eagle. It is primarily white with black rings on its feathers, and it has an orange bill.


When playing as any of the Pac-Man Update mascots, the Eagle is replaced by a glitch with a mixture of colorful numbers, letters, symbols, ghosts, and faces.


When playing as any of the Halloween Update mascots, the Eagle is replaced by a bat. The bat is roughly the same size as its regular counterpart.


When playing as Framed, the Eagle is white.


When playing as any of the Brazil Update mascots, the Eagle is replaced by a giant blue macaw. It has the same structure, but its texture is different; it is primarily blue with a black beak.

Pterodactyl Edit

When playing as any of the Dinosaur Update mascots (except for Flat Eric), the Eagle is replaced by a giant red pterodactyl. It is mostly scarlet with red outlines.

Tap My Katamari Edit

When playing as any of the Tap My Katamari mascots, the Eagle is replaced with what seems to be an aeroplane shaped object.

Vulture Edit


Threat Edit

The eagle is a threat because if the player idles for too long or goes backwards three lanes, the eagle will come and snatch the player's character instantly. This will end your run.

When playing as a Pac-Man character, the glitch will swallow up the player if they idle for too long.

Avoidance Edit

The eagle is possibly the most easily avoidable obstacles in the game. Simply by always moving forward and not staying still for over five seconds, the player can avoid the eagle's swift death.






  • It resembles a bald eagle more than any other species.
  • When picking up some mascots, the mascot simply vanishes.
  • Sometimes, when the eagle picks up the player, it goes super fast backwards.
  • If the player pauses the game just when the eagle picks up the player, the screen will appear to traverse forwards super quickly and it will not stop until the player starts a new game.
  • The eagle appears in the UK/Ireland update although bald eagles are not found in England.
  • According to the timer of the New Year Doll, it takes 6.99 for the Eagle to Come
  • There was a glitch where the player sometimes instead of getting snatched by the eagle, it gets snatched by an invisible version of the glitch that appears when playing as the Pacman characters. This was later patched.

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