Drop Bear
Type Australia, Obstacle, Mascot
Price N/A (See How to Obtain)
Characteristics Australian terrain appears when playing as Drop Bear

The Drop Bear is a playable mascot released in the Australian update. It is one of the mascots that cannot be unlocked by the Prize Machine as it is a secret mascot. It also appears as a dangerous obstacle in the Desert terrain.

Appearance Edit

The Drop Bear is modeled off a fictitious Australian marsupial with the same name. It seems to very much resemble the Koala, but with a dark blue-gray body, larger head and ears, wider open mouth, and small red eyes.


As a MascotEdit

While playing as the Drop Bear, the surrounding terrain will be American-themed, with grasslands being replaced by deserts and with the enemies being the Eagle and the Crocodile. Interestingly, the Drop Bear itself doesn't appear as an enemy. However, the Eagle and Crocodiles are still present and pose a threat towards the player.

As an ObstacleEdit

The Drop Bear is also a threat when playing as any other Australian Mascot because if the player goes near a tree that the Drop Bear is perched on, it will drop down onto the player and consequently kill them. However, the Drop Bear can be avoided by going far away from the tree it is on, or by playing with a non-Australian mascot or even the Drop Bear itself, making the obstacle disappear. If the player is near the Drop Bear and gets killed by the Eagle, the Drop Bear will make a large pounce at the spot the player was on only to find the Eagle has already got to the player.

How to ObtainEdit


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It cannot be unlocked by the Prize Machine, but through a special method. The player must play as any Australian character. Rarely, the player will encounter the Drop Bear sitting on a tree. The player must go to the tree, where it will jump onto the player, killing it. Once it happens, it is unlocked.

This video below shows how to unlock the Drop Bear:

Crossy Road iOS App - Unlock Drop Bear NEW Australian Secret Character!02:14

Crossy Road iOS App - Unlock Drop Bear NEW Australian Secret Character!


  • The Drop Bear is a reference to the real life Drop Bear itself, a fictional Australian marsupial with a similar appearance to a Koala. It is said to attack people by sitting on a tree, and dropping on someone's head if they got close enough.
    • This would explain the Drop Bear's resemblance to the Koala and the fact that it kills the player by dropping on top of them out of a tree, killing the player instantly.
    • The legend says also that people with Australian accents, will get ignored by Drop Bear, and in game Ben, Matt and Andy will never meet Drop Bear, despite them being Australian mascots.
  • It is confirmed that the Drop Bear is a wild koala.
  • The Drop Bear is the only animal that is an enemy and a mascot.
  • The Drop Bear is also a koala-like creature with red eyes in the game The Blockheads; in which it has similar attack patterns, e.g. perching in trees.


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