Type Animal, Dog
Price $0.99 or 100 Coin2 from the prize machine
Characteristics Causes "leet" words and phrases to appear on the screen in colorful text.

Doge is a playable mascot in Crossy Road and is a reference to the popular internet meme of the same name.


Doge resembles the internet meme it is based off, with a large face, ochre coat and a tan underbelly. It has an erect tail. Its breed is a Shiba Inu. Doge's original owner is that guy that goes wow!


Like most mascots, the grasslands serve as the terrain. Trees and boulders appear as obstacles and the only enemy being the Eagle, who will pick the player up if they idle for too long. Doge has the ability to make random phrases appear on the screen, as seen in the memes. These phrases use bad grammar in a jargon tone, appear in bright neon colors, such as red, blue, green, yellow, and purple, and are in the Comic Sans font. Like other dogs in the game, it will occasionally bark.

How to ObtainEdit

Doge can be purchased for $0.99 or can be unlocked using the Prize Machine for 100 coins.


When playing as the Doge, the following quotes appear on the screen in various colors:

  • $o indie
  • 0/10
  • 11/10
  • amaze
  • boss levl
  • cool
  • #crossyroad
  • get-2-play
  • get-2-wow
  • goty
  • grate score
  • haha
  • hehe
  • helvetica
  • lok out
  • many car
  • many hop
  • much casual
  • much coin
  • much hop
  • much meme
  • much rate
  • not frog
  • pay 2 wow
  • so car
  • so clone
  • so danger
  • so fun
  • so whale
  • such square
  • very $
  • very block
  • very cross
  • very free
  • very jump
  • very road
  • what is voxl
  • wow
  • wowow
  • free-2-get
  • free-2-play

Developer QuotesEdit

"That [Doge] was the cornerstone character for me. That was the character upon all the other characters were built. That came from me. Once you put doge in the game, how would people feel about the game? So we just did it and it was hilarious. We just couldn't stop laughing. We've never seen a game do this before. And from there, we really started to push the characters – and now it's the least ridiculous one. Unihorse was also there, but Doge really set the bar. It's more silly than a unicorn pooping rainbows."
Matt Hall about Doge


  • Doge is one of the six dogs in the game , the others being Wolf, Scruffy Dog, Marmalade Dog, Pew Die Pug, Jindo and Space Dog
  • Doge is one of two characters in the game based off an internet meme, the other being TheDress.
  • Doge is the only dog, besides the Wolf, that has eyes that face forwards, and are not on the side of their head.
  • Doge resembles the Marmalade Dog a lot.
  • The phrases "Not Frog" and "So Clone" is a reference to the fact that Crossy Road is based off of Frogger.

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