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Ghost Forget Me Not

Play as Forget-Me-Not and get an score of 90 or more with the ghost!

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  • To suggest a challenge, go to Project Talk:Challenge of the Week
  • Maximum 3 suggestions per user per week.
  • On Sunday, the suggestion with the most votes becomes that week's challenge. Another set of suggestions will be put up to vote.

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Past ChallengesEdit

10th January - 17th January: Lurking in the Shadows
Play as Framed! and get a score of 50 without being seen

3rd January - 10th January: Hamburger Feast
Play as Rocky and collect 50 hamburgers (can be done in multiple runs)

27th December - 3rd January: Snowball Fight
Get hit with one of the yeti's snowballs whilst playing as the yeti.

13th December - 27th December: Pac-Man 2 5 6
In 2 turns, kill 5 ghosts, eat 6 power pellets, and get a score of 256 playing as Pac-Man.

6th December - 13th December: Pac-lice
Get run over by police car when using Pac-Man.

29th November - 6th December: Double Kill
Blacken two cars at once with Epoch.

22th November - 29th November: Hungry Chicken
Collect 20 pellets with Pac-Chicken.

15th November - 22th November: Fancy Score
Get a high score with Fancy Gent and Fancy Lady.

8th November - 15th November: Llama Duo
Play As Llama and keep both llamas alive until you reach a score of 50.

25th October - 8th November: Halloween Challenge: Ghosty
Get the Forget-Me-Not ghost to appear before scoring 150.

18th October - 25th October: Ghostly Whale
Land on Hipster whale with all 4 ghosts.

11th October - 18th October: Ant Nobody Got Time For This?
playing as echidna - eat 3 groups of ants

4th October - 11th October: Lucky Week
Step on a four leaf clover while playing as leprechaun.

27th September - 4th October: One Direction
Achieve a score of 50 by only moving forward (no left, right and backward)

20th September - 27th September: Killing his Twin
Get squished by a Drop Bear while playing as Koala!

13th September - 20th September: Boom Boom BOOM
Hit the rocket truck with Michael Boom.

6th September - 13th September: Will it Float?
Land on Hipster Whale using Hipster whale

30th August - 6th September: The Coin Magnet From Down Under
Using ANY mascot added in the Australian Update, collect 15 Coin2 in one run.

23th August - 30th August: Rocket Boom
Get run over by a Rocket Truck while playing as Michael Boom

17th August - 23th August: Confirming their Existence
Land on Nessie using Nessie

9th August - 16th August: Double 50
Achieve a score of 50 using the Llama, keeping both of them alive

2nd August - 9th August: A Wild Ghost Appears
Gather 20 or more flowers with Forget-Me-Not

26th July - 2nd August: Save the Trees
Get to lane 150 with the Dragon without burning any trees!

20th May - 26th July: Legal Difficulty
Get run over by a police car as Bobby

11th May - 17th May: Follow the Leader
How far can you take the Llama in a single run?

4th May - 10 May: Close Encounters of the Small Kind
Beat your high score using the Flea, the Butterfly and the Leprechaun!

20th April - 3rd May: School Run
Play as the Schoolgirl 100 times!

13th April - 19th April: Nuts About Nuts
How many acorns can you collect as the Squirrel?

6th April - 12th April: Raving Rabbits
Happy Easter! To celebrate, beat your high score using every rabbit!

30th March - 5th April: Lord of the Roads
Beat your high score twice as The Mad Wizard and twice as The Dark Lord!

23rd March - 29th March: Aussie Road
Beat your high score using 5 different Australian mascots!

16th March - 22nd March: What’s the Time, Mr. Wolf?
Clock a total of 48 hours gameplay as the Wolf.

9th March - 15th March: Don’t Panic!
Get a score containing the digits ‘4’ and ‘2’, using either Epoch or Specimen 115.

2nd March - 8th March: Drop the Bear
Get killed by the Drop Bear 50 times!

23rd Feb - 1st March: New Year, New Scores
Beat your high score 5 times, using any of these mascots: Fortune Chicken, Xi, Cai Shen, Dragon or the Giddy Goat!