This is a list of glitches and oversights in Crossy Road.

Glitches Edit

General Edit

  • When an ad is playing after death, cars and trains can still be heard.
  • If you jump right as you get swept away, the log you jumped on will pass through the other logs in that lane as seen in this video.
  • If a truck drives right next to Rail Lights, the truck will pass right through the bottom of the Rail Lights.
  • Very rarely, if a player squats immediately after landing on a crocodile's head, the crocodile will not eat them.
  • Extremely rarely, a crocodile can be seen drifting vertically instead of horizontally (see video below). Also, if the horizontal crocodile is next to a road, vehicles will pass through the part of the crocodiles that glitches onto the road.
  • If the Drop Bear lands on the player while they are on a river, the Drop Bear and the players squashed body will hover over the river
  • If the Eagle is summoned while the player is on a road, cars will be able to pass through the player as if it didn't exist.
  • If the Eagle is summoned while the player is on a river, the logs underneath the player will continue to move, sometimes suspending the player in mid-air above the river.
  • If the Drop Bear drops on a player right before the Eagle comes, the Eagle will take the Drop Bear as well as the player.
  • If the Drop Bear drops on the player on a road, cars go through the Drop Bear as if it doesn't exist.
  • When jumping into the back of a gas truck, the gas truck sometimes does not explode.
  • Rarely, when getting killed by the eagle, the camera will go forward and will not stop. This does not count towards your score.
  • If the player gets killed in the edge of a grassland, there is a chance that the mascot will glitch under the grass.
  • If the player starts tapping when the game in on the blue loading screen, they will get a slight head start.(for some android devices)
  • If your device lags in the game and the player crashes into a car, they will stay where they are and not follow the car.
  • If a tree happens to appear next to the rail lights, it will glitch into the rail light.
  • Sometimes, the screenshot of a player's death caused by a train will not render properly.
Image glitch

Example of a screenshot being improperly rendered

  • Sometimes two boxes promoting a certain game/mascot (shown after death) may overlap with each other.
Overlap glitch

example of two boxes overlapping each other

  • If you move right when you go into the rapids on a log, you will still die despite being on a log, alligator, Hipster Whale, or ground.

Mascot Specific Edit

  • Swift Snail's slime trail goes across water and when getting carried by the eagle in the air.
  • When the Drop Bear drops on a large enough mascot, the Drop Bear will glitch through the mascot for a split second.
  • Swift Snail's slime trail gets slightly thinner when it is on grasslands.
  • If a player dies by hitting a vehicle (besides a gas truck) while playing as a Ghost, even after the vehicle has completely driven away there still will be a faint glow where the vehicle drove out of sight.
  • If the player is playing as the Lucky Cat and "squats" (holds down on the screen) right in front of a road, all vehicles (except for the Blue Car) will pass through the front of Lucky Cat's face.
  • If a mascot gets run over by a car, they might glitch through the car for a second. This only happens if the mascot is big enough.
  • On the Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus the Emo Goose glitches (see Gallery).
  • If the player waits for 2-3 minutes as the Dragon before starting the run, the Dragon will continuously breathe fire (see Gallery).
  • Occasionally, poop from the Poopy Pigeon may float on water.
  • If the White Llama jumps into the Brown Llama they both stay alive until you jump again, then the Brown Llama dies (see Gallery and this video at 3:35), whereas if the Brown Llama jumps into the White one it dies as expected.
  • If the Brown Llama blows up a truck and the White Llama survives - if you then jump into the the black hole the exploding truck has left the white one dies (see Gallery and this video at 3:00).
  • When playing as Framed, and another person sees them, and the Framed leaps into a river, the other person will lean over the river too.
  • While playing as the K-Drama Actor, sometimes the fans will hover above the air.
  • On some Android devices, after the last update, the Emo Goose, Frankenstein, Fancy Gent and Fancy Lady glitches. Only their specific sound is heard.
  • The basketball of the Baller can levitate above water.
  • When playing as Daddy, very rarely when the player reaches a large stretch of grass (Around the score of 100) an obstacle will block the exit making it impossible to get a higher score.
  • When playing as the Shooty Skies characters, it is possible to walk through the crashed plane.
  • When playing in the Jaguar and you fall into the water, any Capybara watching will lean over the river.


  • Sometimes, two A Crows can overlap each other when they are generated adjacent towards each other, and faces each other.


  • If a notification from another app pops up during gameplay, it may freeze/lag the game. Sometimes it may even crash the game.
  • If the player exits the game during gameplay, then re-enters, it will most likely freeze/crash the game.
  • If played for an extended amount of time, the game may crash.

Oversights Edit

  • Even though the eagle carries the player in the air, Swift Snail still leaves a slime trail when getting picked up by the eagle.
  • If the player stands on a crocodile tail while playing as the cockatoo, they will appear to be slightly hovering over the river.
  • When a player dies as Frankenstein, the little "snapshot" of their death will be in color, even though the world is black and white while playing as him.
    • This also applies to the Emo Goose. Even though it is raining while playing as him, the death "snapshot" shows no rain.
    • The death "snapshots" of the Ghost and Grave Digger are also inconsistent with the in-game visual conditions.
    • This also applies to Fancy Gent and Fancy Lady.
  • The Paparazzi will continue to take pictures of the Celebrity after the run has ended.
    • They will also continue to take photos if there is an obstacle in the way.
  • The Vampire Bat Form of The Vampire falls straight into the river despite it flying (the same applies to flying butterfly).
  • Sometimes, if a mascot is big enough, the bottom of the mascot will glitch through a train track (Ex, Forget-Me-Not or the Phone Box).
  • When playing as Michael Boom, explosions that are near/on any automobiles will not affect them at all.

Gallery Edit

☆ Sideways Crocodile ☆ Crossy Road Glitch02:04

☆ Sideways Crocodile ☆ Crossy Road Glitch. Yes SIDEWAYS! Funny app bug I've only ever seen once

Sideways, or vertical crocodile

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