Coconut Water
Coconut Water
Price N/A (See How to Obtain)
Characteristics The liquid inside the coconut will refill itself and change color after jumping.

The Coconut Water is a playable mascot released in the Brazil Update. It is one of the mascots that cannot be unlocked by the Prize Machine as it is a secret mascot.

Appearance Edit

Coconut Water appears as a carved out coconut with an orange slice on the side. Inside the coconut is a white straw. During gameplay, there will be liquid inside. The liquid inside may come in lime green, yellow, pink or red.

Characteristics Edit

The Coconut Water's setting is in the Brazil environment, like all of the other Brazilian mascots. Each hop will cause the liquid inside the mascot to spill, creating droplets similar to those of the water particles created when a mascot drowns. The liquid inside the mascot will decrease gradually with each square unit travelled. If the player travels for about 10 square units, then the liquid inside the coconut will be completely gone. Traveling one more step will refill the Coconut Water with full liquid, but it has a high chance of being a different color. Although it is possible to have the same color after and prior to a refill. The fullness and the color of the liquid resets upon starting a new run with this mascot.

How to Obtain Edit


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Because Coconut Water is a secret mascot, it cannot be obtained from the Prize Machine. However, it can be unlocked by the following method:

To obtain Coconut Water:

  1. The player must be playing as Tourist.
  2. Several coconut waters, appearing as collectable items spawn on the map while playing as Tourist.
  3. After picking up five or more in one game, the Coconut Water will unlock.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only mascot related to a drink in Crossy Road.

See AlsoEdit

In other languagesEdit

Chinese (Simplified) 椰子汁
Spanish Agua de Coco
French Eau De Noix De Coco
Chinese (Traditional) 椰子汁
Italian Acqua Di Cocco
German Kokoswasser
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