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Chinese Monster
Type Special
Price N/A (See "How to Obtain")
Characteristics Plays on a Chinese New Year map; appears as an obstacle when playing as New Year's Doll; as an obstacle, cannot drown or be destroyed by anything except contact with New Year's Doll

Chinese Monster is an obstacle and playable secret mascot in Crossy Road. Along with New Year's Doll, it was added into the game between the Christmas Update 2015 and Brazil Update 2016.


Chinese Monster is most likely based on a depiction of the Nian, a mythological Chinese creature that is said to appear in spring to devour humans, especially children. It is a quadrupedal creature that is mostly red and pink in color, except the single horn on its head, which is white, its eyebrows and tail, which are golden-yellow, and a bell-like object below its chin, which is a deeper shade of yellow than its eyebrows and tail. Chinese Monster also appears to have a pair of ears that stick out prominently from the top of its head.


As a MascotEdit

As a playable mascot, Chinese Monster has no special characteristics.

As an ObstacleEdit

Chinese Monster appears as an obstacle when the player starts a run with the New Year's Doll. When the player takes at least five steps forward and pauses for a moment, Chinese Monster will drop down from off-screen onto the far end of the visible map. It will then hop ahead, away from the player and off the screen, for a set amount of steps before stopping for a period of time and breathing fire in random directions. If the player does not catch up to it when it is stationary, the cycle repeats itself until the player catches up to it. Chinese Monster cannot drown, and any moving obstacle that can hit it (such as vehicles) will explode upon contact with it.

When the player catches up to Chinese Monster and hops onto the same square as it, it explodes into several particles and ends the player's run, causing the player to lose interaction with all other obstacles (unless the player hops onto Chinese Monster when it is standing above water, in which case the player will drown immediately after Chinese Monster explodes).

How to ObtainEdit


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Chinese Monster is a secret mascot and cannot be unlocked using the Prize Machine or with payment. Instead, it is unlocked when the player begins a new run after catching up to Chinese Monster while playing as New Year's Doll.



  • Chinese Monster is the only obstacle that does not deform the player's mascot when they make contact with it, although it still ends their current run.
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