Type Animal, Original Cast, Chicken
Price None
Characteristics Clucks when walking and dying, feathers fly once dead.
Update You can now find a new Hipster Chicken in your mascot selection area if you took part in We’ve Come A Log Log Way Together!
The Chicken is the primary mascot and a playable character in Crossy Road.It is the default character in-built in the game that the player will receive upon opening the app for the first time. It is currently not available from the Prize Machine.

Features Edit

The Chicken has a basic structure similar to Baby Duck. The Chicken is white with red feathers on the top of its head and below its beak, and orange feet and an orange beak.

Characteristics Edit

As a MascotEdit

Upon game play, the terrain will be the normal grasslands. The only enemy being the Eagle, who will pick up the player if they idle for too long. When hit by a car or a train, feathers will fly into the air from the Chicken. It will also occasionally cluck when walking, and when dying (eg. When it hits a car.).

As an ObstacleEdit

The Chicken makes an appearance while playing as the Disco Zoo. They appear in groups and will start to move side to side in a dancing fashion when the disco mode arrives and will stop dancing and start staring at you when the disco mode stops.

How to Obtain the Chicken Edit

The Chicken is the first mascot the player will get, as it is available when the app is downloaded. It is not possible to buy or unlock it from the Prize Machine.


Trivia Edit

  • The primary app icon is a light blue background with the chicken mascot right in the middle.
  • The Chicken appears as an obstacle when playing as Disco Zoo.
  • The fact that it is the default character is a pun off of the classic joke: "Why did the chicken cross the road?"
  • The Chicken in Crossy Road most closely resembles the Rhode Island White breed of chicken.
    • It also closely resembles the chicken from Block Craft.
  • It is one of thirteen chickens in the game.

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In other languagesEdit

Chinese (Simplified) 小鸡
Spanish Gallina
French Poulet Dodu
Chinese (Traditional) 小雞
Italian Pollo
German Huhn
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