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Front view of Cat Lady in Character Choosing Menu

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Cat Lady
Price N/A (See "How to Obtain")

The Cat Lady is a playable mascot in Crossy Road


Cat Lady is an old lady with three cats on her. One on her back, one on her head and one that she is carrying. She wears a pink robe and slippers, as well as light blue pants. She keeps her hair in a bun at the back of her head.


When Cat Lady walks, Every once in a while a cat appears and looks at her. When the cats look at the cat lady she will just do nothing.

How to ObtainEdit


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Cat Lady cannot be unlocked by the Prize Machine because it is a secret mascot.

To unlock her, the player should follow these steps:

  1. Using any cat, eat the fish that appear. They are little yellow fish, and will only appear on the grass.
  2. After collecting 9 fish you should get the Cat Lady.

Also, you can collect these 9 fish in separate rounds, so you can die in between them. But getting cat lady is hard and playing with yourself is the best way to pass time instead of trying to unlock this old hag


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