Type Animal
Price $0.99 or 100 Coin2 from the prize machine
Characteristics Makes grunting noises

The Capybara is a playable mascot in Crossy Road.


The Capybara is meant to resemble the realistic capybara, which is a long-legged semi-aquatic South American animal that looks a bit like a big guinea pig. In the game, it looks like a bear with creamy fur, a brown muzzle, ears and paws.


As a MascotEdit

During game play, the landscape turns into the standard Grasslands and trees and boulders will appear as obstacles with the only enemy being the Eagle, who will pick you up if you idle for too long resulting in a game over. It has no exclusive characteristics physically. However, it makes grunting noises in the run.

As an ObstacleEdit

The Capybara appears as an obstacle while playing as the Disco Zoo or the Jaguar.

If the player plays as the Disco Zoo, multiple Capybaras, found in groups can be seen during gameplay. These Capybaras will stare at the player and will start dancing when the scene turns into the disco theme.

If the player plays as the Jaguar, the Capybaras have different behaviors depending on the time of the day. If it is day, the Capybara will stare at the player and will flee if the player approaches directly adjacent to them. If the time is night, the Capybara will shiver, and stop staring at the player. If the player stands in the same spot as them, they will get squashed. If the player is already adjacent to the Capybara and the time turns into day, then the Capybara will not flee and can be squashed.

How to Obtain Edit

The Capybara can be unlocked for 100 coins on the Prize Machine or can be purchased for $0.99(£0.63).


  • The Capybara is one of the few mascots that can appear as obstacles for multiple mascots.
    • Other examples are the Fluffy Sheep and the Kangaroo.
    • When playing as the Jaguar and you fall into the water, the capybara watching you will lean over the river, as if trying to watch you. Some think this is a glitch.
    • Clearings seem to be more common when playing as  the capybara. 


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