DropBear Boulders has not been given an official name. Boulders, however, will be used as a temporary name until an official name is given.
Type Obstacle
Characteristics Serves as an obstacle on grasslands

Boulders are common obstacles found on Grasslands in Crossy Road and are encountered often.


Boulders are structured and textured to look like realistic boulders. However, they appear to be bigger than the mascot, indicating that they are huge in size.



Doughnuts appear when playing as the Android Robot. They function in the same way as do normal boulders. They just have a different texture.


Gravestones appear as gray tombstones with lines that represent the handwriting. They are meant to represent an inscribed headstone marking a grave.

Interaction with the player Edit

The gravestones are solid, which means that the player cannot go through them, or move them in anyway. Otherwise, they only serve as an inanimate obstacle in Crossy Road. The gravestones increase the risk of getting stuck between them.

Trivia Edit


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