Police Officer
Black man
Type Obstacle
Speed N/A
Characteristics Only appears when playing as Framed.

The Police Officer is an obstacle in Crossy Road. It makes its debut while playing as Framed.


The Police Officer is a reference to the enemy, a regular police officer, in the app "Framed". He is completely black and he wears a whitish/purplish tie, black shirt, black pants, and a black hat.

Interaction with the playerEdit

Numerous instances of Police Officers can be found scattering around the playable area of the map while playing as the mascot Framed. They are opaque and cannot be passed through. They appear idle until the player approaches them within 3 blocks away in front or diagonally in front of them. They can also see the player if they are behind obstacles. When this happens white exclamation marks pop up above their heads, occupying with a trumpet noise. Afterwards, they will turn to the direction of the player and stare. If the player happens to drown, the Police Officers will fall onto the floor as to look at the player drowning, which might be a bug.



  • They are a reference to the enemies in the game Framed by Loveshack.
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